Meeting with the Minister
Until 2017 there had been a gap in the preparation of professional nurses in Honduras. Previously there not been a technical nursing education option available.  In February 2016, the Honduras Minister of Education approved our proposal to begin a pilot high school nursing programs in Choluteca, Honduras. Our Choluteca team has responded to the challenge of being the first technical nursing high school in Honduras. The Minister has insisted that classes were to begin in February 2017. We have collaborated with the Ministry of Education to prepare the necessary curriculum materials that were needed to begin classes on schedule. 

In support of the work being done by members of the Ministry of Education, we hired a Honduran nurse with a scholarly background and nursing experience to help facilitate the process. Margarita represented our team in all of the planning stages until the program was given final approval. Margarita teaches the technical nursing classes at the school and works closely with Angie Overholt in continuing to develop the nursing curriculum.