Compost Bin

One of the major difficulties in planting gardens is not having enough organic matter in the soil. People often complain that their soil is "tired". Poor soil conservation practices combined with high temperatures and heavy rainfall have depleted the organic matter in many soils. There are many different cultural practices that can be used to improve soil quality in an area where people are interested in planting gardens. 

Our extension workers are building compost barrels that work well for making compost for a small home garden. The advantage of the compost barrel is that all of the compost materials are kept contained in a small area away from animals. There is no offensive smell because the bin is aerated on a regular basis. Within a month at most, valuable compost can be made out of backyard waste. 

 Our maximum cost for building a compost barrel is $135 including labor and materials. We have been able to shop around and normally are able to find used plastic barrels for a third the price of new ones. Our labor is being provided by "work study" students at the vocational school. 

For $150 we can provide backyard compost barrels for interested families. 

 Quantity Item    Unit Cost        Total Cost
 1 Plastic BarrelL 958L 958 
 1 galvanized 2x2 pipeL 457 L 457
 23" hinges     L 34L 68
 4 Handles    L 5 L 20
 2 Latches        L 32L 64
 4 RollersL 65 L 260
 1 2 metal ring    L 344 L 344
 1 Rebar 3/8"L 77L 77 
   L 2,939
compost bin