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Work Teams

There are many reasons to come to Choluteca. People join work teams for a lot of different reasons. Some might want to help the needy by providing basic items such as food and housing. Some people desire to use their talents and experience to serve on the mission field. Others are seeking a cross-cultural experience. We encourage you to come to Choluteca to hold us responsible and accountable for resources that have been invested. Teams come to participate in ministries such as evangelism and Vacation Bible School. There are teams that have been organized to come for the purpose of praying for leaders in the ministry. 

We have had a great experience with work teams over the years. They have contributed to the expansion of the regional ministry. They have worked at the vocational school, at our local churches, at the clinic property and in the communities where we minister.

Work teams in the past have helped us in a variety of projects such as house construction, church building construction, and maintenance projects.  In addition, university teams have been involved in medical brigades and engineering projects. In the future we hope to also have work teams involved in community projects such as fixing up homes, starting garden projects, and establishing small animal projects.

Besides the actual work that is done by work teams, we have been blessed to witness the development of lasting relationships between work team members, missionaries, and our church members. It has been a positive experience for Hondurans to get to know work team members and especially to worship together with them.

We have emphasized the personal involvement of our Choluteca brothers and sisters with the work team experience. Church members and local community members work beside work team members. Our church members also consider it a special privilege to be of service to the team members when they are here.

World Gospel Mission has experience sending work teams around the world. In 2015, over 700 work team members participated in projects coordinated by World Gospel Mission. For more information contact (765-664-7331) World Gospel Mission.

Work Team Schedule

Work teams visiting us in Choluteca typically stay in a hotel just two blocks from our mission house and most meals are served on our property. We try to schedule one meal at a local restaurant. We normally have women in the church prepare a different typical Honduras meal for supper time each day. Angie has worked with them on the menu and to make sure that they take special care in preparing healthy meals. We have installed a water purification system at the house and have the water tested monthly for cleanliness.

According to evaluations collected from former team members almost everyone is changed by the experience in ways they never anticipated. By joining a work team, you will be able to accomplish all of the above. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to join forces with Hondurans and missionaries in an effort to changes people's lives. The unexpected result will likely change your own life. 

At this moment our most urgent need is to construct a parsonage for our "Friends Forever" congregation.