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Supervised Agricultural Education

Developing a model project.
Individual projects can be a lot of fun for youth everywhere. We are building off the Supervised Agricultural Experience model used by the FFA (One of our dreams is to develop FFA in Honduras).  How might the three component model (instruction, experience, and leadership) of education work in Honduras?  In Choluteca, a city with a population of around 180,000, there are very few opportunities for students to study agriculture.  Even in those schools with agricultural education, there is a big need for equipment and educational projects where students can get practical education.  A form of supervised educational experience in the high schools and vocational schools would give students in Choluteca a great opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to projects that they choose to work on.  

The type of project would depend on the student's personal interest. Right now it is suggested that they work with small animal projects or garden projects.  We are hoping to create a rotating fund where students can get a loan for their projects.  

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