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Say No to Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. Your choices matter!!!

A kid's health comes from the company he keeps!

Join Decisions at Every Turn and let's work together to eliminate substance abuse.
Get high on Life, not on Drugs!!!!!!
Drugs kill you, tobacco hurts your lungs and alcohol damages your liver.
Care for your Life, Lungs and Liver (3 L's).
Studies show that teens who participate in drug prevention programs have lesser chances of ever trying a cigarette or other gateway drugs.  Gateway drug is a drug that opens the door to the use of other, harder drugs.  Also, such programs helps counterbalance the negative peer pressure usually experienced by kids in schools.
Learn the real facts on how drugs affect the brain and body.  Did you know that it take only eight seconds for tobacco to reach the brain and start making changes?  Studies show that alcohol, tobacco and drugs are more addictive to a teen's underdeveloped brain than adults and hence make it more difficult to quit!  You can find more information about the harmful effects of substance abuse in our resource center section.

YouTube Video

 "Decisions at Every Turn 2nd Annual Alcohol and Drug Prevention Art Contest' 2012" was phenomenal.  Please check out the cable show link to see the contest winners and hear their thoughts about the cause! - http://vimeo.com/48390488

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