Choe's HapKiDo Karate of Flowery Branch

Choe's HapKiDo has been teaching martial arts in the United States for more than 30 years. We have just opened a new location in Flowery Branch, GA. Our students will learn everything from the martial arts physical techniques to character 
development tools. 
Our classes are for all ages.

Change up your drab work out and try something new, you will love it!  Better than boring walking or running, Here you'll make friends, train and get in shape. Plus you'll notice a change in your life for the better, because Marital Arts not only trains your body you train your mind. Students said they have become more focused and can concentrate better. Projects at school and at work are completed on time, no more excuses, take the time to check us out! We'll give you 2 classes free! Just to give us a try so you can see for yourself how much you will enjoy class.

If you have mobility issues or you are elderly, we also offer Yoga and Tai Chi classes perfect for the person who doesn't want to have a strenuous work out. The stretching and meditation will be just as beneficial and those sweaty work outs. Our Health and Wellness class students have the same results from their class as do the karate students. More focus and clarity of the mind, weight loss, and flexibility.  
HapKiDo is great exercise! We are a mixed martial art, which means students learn kicking, punching, self defense, pressure points, ground fighting, and weapons. The jumping, stretching and cardio work out makes this the best exercise on the planet!  Some of the benefits of this kind of exercising and movement is muscle tone, balance and body awareness. Our students are amazed by the change in their body and their minds. You will have stamina, and that means no more coffee, you will feel invigorated after each class and on through out the next day and it continues through your life.

Check out some of our videos!

We have the best instructors who will keep you exercising for life! We all have busy schedules but you know you must exercise so why not pick a place where you are truly cared about. We give each of our students 1 on 1 time as well as class time this will give you the best chance of success because we care about your health and well being; having trouble staying motivated to come to class, we'll help you get through that tough time. We want you to be successful and accomplish something so great as your black belt.