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Thanks for visiting the Choctaw Mission!  Our historic mission location is surrounded by the Choctaw Reservation main community known as Pearl River.  There are eight Choctaw communities in Mississippi and 9,600 members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.  We are located six miles west of Philadelphia, Mississippi and 20 miles east of Carthage, Mississippi, on Highway 16, across from the BP Station known as The Pow-Wow and near the Geyser Falls Water Park Note: Geyser Falls will be closed in 2010 for major renovation work and will re-open in 2011.
GPS locators are not always successful in our area! 
Coordinates: Latitude: 32 46' 45"    Longitude 89 13' 51"
Please call 601-650-8549 if you need assistance.
The Native American Comprehensive Plan of The United Methodist Church has four emphases:
1.  Nurture Native American spirituality (sing, pray and worship in native languages);
2.  Develop and encourage individual Native American leadership;
3.  Develop and foster Native American congregations; and
4.  Maintain a continuous denominational presence.
"We are wrestling with the inheritance that has come from culture clash, cultural misunderstanding and the sense of depression that comes about in a people that are regarded as persons of conquest."
- Rev. Anita Phillips, Executive Director, The Native American Compresenive Plan of The United Methodist Church
  • We have three dormitories for your use and the fee for overnight stays is $20 per person per night. 
  • Modest cooking facilities are available for your use, along with a small church kitchen, serving and dining area.  We are not able to provide meals for your visit.  Groups provide their own food preparation.  We suggest offering evening simple meals (hot dogs, chips and beverage) to any and all Choctaws who attend activities such as VBS, arts, crafts and games (basketball!). 
  • Several local restaurants are our favorites, including City Limits ($5 weekday lunches @392 West Main Street) and Peggy's - nationally known for superb Southern cooking and an honor system for payment ($9 @ 225 Byrd Street) and Ronnies Steaks and Grill ($5.99 weekday lunches @ 734 Pecan Street).
  • Our computer lab is available and wi-fi is also provided.


 We urge your group to take a tour of the Choctaw Reservation while you are here.  The "Mother Mound" of the Choctaw people is known as Nanih Waiyah - some 20 miles northeast of the Choctaw Mission.
Please make the Choctaw people the subject of your visit.
Lake Pushmataha is a lovely place for fishing, walking/hiking, picnics and evening devotions.
Geyser Falls Water Park, Dancing Rabbit Golf Course, Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Silver Star and Golden Moon hotels/casinos are nearby.
Foodstuffs and other needed sundries are available nearby at Piggly-Wiggly, Williams Brothers Groceries (ask about the Manning Family connection) and Wal*Mart. 
Lowe's is nearby for hardware and fix-up necessities.  Ask for the church discount (10%).
7% sales tax must be paid on everything that is purchased. 
Health care (if needed) is provided at an all-day clinic operated by Laird Hospital near McDonalds (5 miles east of the Choctaw Mission) or at the ER at the Neshoba County Hospital on the east side of Philadelphia.  Choctaws usually use the local Indian Health Service also known as the Choctaw Health Center.
For emergency assistance call 911