Welcome to my Sims 1 skins site! :D

This is the place for my new or never shared stuff. I decided not to move my older creations (except for a few), so you can still find it at the yahoo group.
In Skins you can find many new outfits and buyables for everyone (hint: when you see the page numbers near the section, that means there's something inside ;) )
I am currently updating the Heads section, so there will be some heads up very soon.
In Specials you'll find all that doesn't fit other places, and themes as well:
Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, New year's Eve,
Wedding, Chinese, Movies, Medieval/Fantasy, Witches & Fairies.

hope you enjoy your time here, and find something new for your sims lol!


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Voyage Sims

You can also follow me at my blog (but it's not sims related!)

Choco Toujours Vintage

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Happy Simming! :)