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Amedei- Porcelana

posted Feb 7, 2011, 9:50 AM by Choco Files   [ updated Mar 25, 2011, 9:25 AM ]

Class: 70s                                                   Class Rating     9.1

Percent:  70                                              Overall Rating     9.1

Review Date:  2010-03-07                           Total Score      89

Review Number:

Value Index       8

Price   $30.00  (per 100 g)

Weight   50  g.

Company           Bean to Bar

Origin: Venezuela                                                              Beans: Porcelana Criollo

Made In  Italy                                                                       Vendor  Chocosphere

                         Rating    Weight    Score  Notes

Ingredients           8             3%           2.4     Vanilla, no soy lecithin

Appearance          9             6%           5.4     Lighter, slightly reddish brown.

Package- 2010 design- Outer is a clever cardboard envelope that folds out.  Inner is cheaper yellow paper lined with plastic silver.  Seems not as fancy as before.  Plus the bigger envelope seems to me like a misleading marketing ploy to make it appear to be a bigger bar.

Touch                  10            1%            1       Smooth and firm

Snap                     10            2%            2       Excellent.  Crisp

Melt                       9             3%           2.7     Excellent

Aroma                   9            10%           9       Excellent!  Brown sugar, molasses.  Trademark Amedei. (From others- strawberries, raisin, wood)

Taste                     9            50%          45      I really like it!

2010: Initial- trademark Amedei malt, caramel, light brown sugar.  Finale- it kind of gradually fades out.  Not as complex as the 2008 bar, and the range is more limited. 

2008: Complex, with 3 or 4 symphonic movements.  Initial- buttered toast.  Middle- moves to malt, light brown sugar, a flash of strawberry.  Finale- then molasses near the end. Elegant and sophisticated, yet delicate and gentle, like a Duchess of 1800s British royalty.

From Amedei- toasted almonds, pressed olives

From others- almonds, bread, butter, butterscotch, caramelized, currants, figs, fresh cream and strawberries, fruitiness, honey, raspberry, vanilla.

Mouthfeel             8            10%           8       Very good, but sometimes just ever so slightly chalky

Aftertaste             9             8%           7.2     Strong and rich.  Dark, brown sugar, ends with a hint of wood smoke and molasses.

Opinion                 9             7%           6.3     This is one of my Top Favorites, but, like all Amedei bars, it's over-priced.  Will I buy this again?  I don't think so.  I really like it, but I could buy 2 bars that I like just as much for about the same price.

Notes:  I Neri.  Extremely expensive

             Hand numbered bars-- 2008 = 3171, 2010 = 11,226 of 20,000.

             2008-04 Review: Class = 9.9, Overall = 9.9, Score = 98, cost $25.90 pr 100g.

             The cost has risen since 2008.

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