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The Team

Due to the multi-disciplinary nature of the Chocolate Factory Project, our team includes students from many different courses of study. Bringing such a wide range of interests and experience to the project will help us consider all of the complex issues relevant to the factory and technology center design. The group's collective dedication to sustainability will greatly influence the design process.


Jake Levitas                           Environmental Studies, Economics, LEED-AP

Mason Earles                          Urban Studies, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology

Irene Compadre                     Architecture, Sculpture

Alex Adarichev                      Architecture, Business

Jono Sanders                          Mechanical Engineering

Dan Payne                              Mechanical Engineering

Lucy Colville                         Environmental Studies, Architecture

Amelia Einbender-Lieber    Architecture

Tolu Fashoro                         Latin American Studies                                                                   

Brian Maurizi                         Math

Jacob Rohter                     Environmental Studies, Architecture

Daniel Jacobs                   Architecture

Oliver Hulland                       Sculpture, Environmental Studies, Photography 

Ray Deng                                Biology, French Literature, Public Health

Emily Schlickman                 East Asian Studies, Environmental Studies

Nicholas Duch                      Architecture                                                

Heidi Kim                               French, Art                                                                                     

Tess Croner                           Environmental Science, Biology

Anna Liisa Breit                Environmental Science, GIS

Antonio Pacheco               Architecture