The Kallari Chocolate Factory Project

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        Welcome.  We've created this site as a platform to share our research for the Open Architecture Challenge, Kallari Project in Ecuador. We're 20 students from Washington University in St. Louis accompanied by an accomplished group of advisers and reviewers led by Dr. J (Mitchell Joachim) from Terreform.  On this website you'll soon be able to find a dynamic InfoBank on anything and everything related to Kallari, Ecuador, chocolates, internet technology, Ecuadorian songbirds, and yes, even answers to life's existential questions. We will be documenting our progress and research on our Blog.

           Our goal is to open a dialog among contestants and make this challenge truly Open Source.  To do this we're applying the "Atlas Shrugged" method--to compile as much info as possible and toss it on our metaphorical plate (i.e. this website).  We hope that by sharing our research and energy openly, others will be encouraged to do the same and we can collectively create the design which will best serve the needs of the 30 Kallari member communities.  Here, you can expect to see weekly updates and what we hope to be innovative research on nine general topics: 

  • Public Health/Education
  • Internet Technology/Transportation/Engineering
  • Architectural Precedents/Biomimicry
  • Traditional Kichwa Art/Architecture
  • Language/Culture/Religion/Kichwa Life
  • History of Chocolate
  • Biology/Flora/Ecosystems
  • Finance/Economy/Fair Trade
  • Politics/Current Events
  • Climate/Terrain
Get excited!  We are.