Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Rice paper wrappers

Vermicelli noodles (I was able to find Brown Rice Vermicelli)

Lettuce (I used a spring mix)

Coriander Leaves

Shrimp (I used 3 per roll)

Slightly hot water

Boil the shrimp in water with their shells on.  Once done, drain and allow to cool so you can peel the shells off.

Cook the vermicelli noodles according to the package directions.

Have all your ingredients lined up.

In a flat bowl, pour some slightly hot water.  You will be dipping the rice paper wrappers in this.

Dip one rice paper wrapper in the hot water until it is soft.  Take out and let the excess water drip off.  Place on a cutting board (or any other flat surface).  Put some vermicelli, top with lettuce, coriander leaves and shrimp.

Roll the wrapper once.  Then fold the sides in and continue to roll.Place in your serving dish.

If you are not serving immediately cover with a damp paper towel and keep refrigerated.  Serve with dipping sauce.