2016 Entries

Photos here --- and here are the recipes.

 1.Romeo & Juliet's Chocolate Coma (Patti)

Best on Theme


 2. What Fools these Morsels be (Lynn and Jonathan)


3. Cocoa Nib Asparagus (Deborah) 


4. Mole Most Fowl (Susan and Mike) 

Best Savory


 5. 5X Chocolate Addiction (Susan and Ed) 

Best Sweet


6. Layers Well-Bestowed (Barry and Ruth) Most Artistic



7. Anise-y and ChocoPatra (Mike P) 

Runner Up Best on Theme



8. Chocolate Truffles (Alex) 

Runner up Most Artistic


 9. Asada de Bodas (Pork Mole) (Ken)


 10. Chocolate Fantasy Cupcakes (Ariel)


 11. Shakes-Pears (Tom and Diane)


 12. Sharffenberger Choc Cake (Bob and Rita)


 13. Chocolate Pecan Pie (Marshall and Chi)



  Thanks also to:
Deborah (organizing and all the prizes)
Mike (puns in the invitation)
Karel & Maria (beer)
John & Denise (wine)
Dee Dee & Craig (beverages)
Eve & Herb (wine)
Dan (wine)
Tom L. (wine)
Sally & Derek (check-in)
Gene (photography)