Resources - iBooks Author

The following resources are freely available on the web, and provide documentation at varying levels of detail for the use of iBooks Author. The tool is very powerful, supporting those who would like to create multimedia books that promote student engagement. It is important to note, however, that iBooks Author may not be the best tool for eBook creation if you are simply compiling articles or documents with little additional media. If you are not sure whether iBooks Author is the appropriate tool for your eBook, please contact Joel Backon or refer to the curriculum from TLI 2012 on eBook Creation.

Lifehacker, What You Should Know about iBooks Author.

iBooks Author Support from Apple

EasyTechSite, Create an interactive eBook for the iPad using iBook Author: THE COMPLETE GUIDE (Good instructional videos)

Apps in Education, Monster List of iBooks Author Tutorials

Emerson College Documentation for iBooks Author

McKesson, Nellie & Witwer, Adam. Publsihing with iBooks Author: An Introduction to Creating eBooks for the iPad.

Class Widgets, Custom iBooks Author Widgets