Fall Program

Fall professional development for iPadU will include a number of shorter workshops to better coincide with the Daily Schedule. All workshops will be more specific than those provided in the summer because your time is valuable, and specificity means you will not  sit through topics that do not interest you. Some topics will be divided into beginner and advanced  workshops, with the advanced sessions being more of a shared exchange of tips and answers to questions rather than prescribed curriculum. In order for a workshop to run, there must be three people registered. If a workshop is cancelled due to low enrollment, please contact Joel to make alternate arrangements for instruction.

Fall Course Descriptions

  • iPad Fundamentals - Same as August Basics workshop.

  • Effective Use of Notability - For note-taking, as classroom whiteboard app, paper grading tool, eBook reader with annotation, and other uses.

  • Using Educreations and Explain Everything for Instructional Screencasts and Student Projects - Create mini-lessons that can be viewed on demand by students; simple and effective platforms for student presentation projects. A good replacement for PowerPoint.

  • Using Socrative to Replace Clickers (in-class quizzes and polls) - Create and administer quick quizzes and polls in class with student iPad responses instead of using Clickers.

  • Collaborative Class Activities Using Baiboard, PageSend, and Google Drive - Share one iPad screen with the entire class or groups of students for in-class activities or extra help. Think of possible uses such as rotating through the class to complete a geometry proof, solve a problem, write a poem, draw a map, complete a sentence in another language, etc.

  • Using VoiceThread for Student Assignments and as a Blog Post Alternative - Students have the ability to record individual responses or feedback on any question, image or set of images you post. Responses can be played back selectively in class and can be graded by the teacher. You can respond to the students as well.

  • iBooks Author Beginner and iBook Distribution - Fundamentals of creating an iBook with text and images; chapter and section structures; exporting as an iBook or PDF and distributing to your students.

  • Fundamentals of DropBox - Understand the concept of cloud storage and the benefits of Dropbox when working on an iPad; how to create a Dropbox account, install Dropbox on your iPad and laptop, folder creation, and basic file management.

  • Using Dropbox with Students - Creating shared Dropbox folders for class materials and for assignment submission; sharing individual documents with others.

  • Grading and Gradebooks on the iPad - Gradebook options for the iPad including GradeKeeper and TeacherKit.

Future Course Offerings

  • Flashcard Apps for Teacher Exercises and Student Study Tools - Just like traditional flashcards; adapted for the iPad.

  • iBooks Author Advanced - Adding interactive features to your iBook, including photo galleries, quizzes, simulations, and videos; changing standard layout templates. Publishing to the iBooks Store.

  • eBook Creation Options - iBooks Author is a great option for creating eBooks, but if the goal is to create collections of documents, there are other tools that are quicker and easier than iBooks Author. Examine The Learning Mag and other tools.

  • iTunesU Course Creation - Explore the iTunesU Course Manager as a simple Blackboard replacement; works particularly well in courses using iBooks and/or videos from iTunesU.

  • Library Research and Source Citation on the iPad - Learn about iPad apps that access library databases, discover Google apps that enhance research, and use EasyBib and BibLib to capture and manage sources, and automatically generate citations.

  • Useful iPad Utilities (printing, PDF conversion, scanning documents, etc.)

  • Personal Learning Networks on the iPad

  • Finding Great Content on the iPad