iPadU Program Overview



The purpose of iPadU is to provide members of the Choate community with the resources to feel comfortable and competent using the iPad in your personal and professional life. Appropriate classroom use is a central theme of the Choate iPad program, and iPadU also addresses the specific applications of the iPad in your classroom as well. There are a variety of methods for delivering iPadU training on this site:
  • traditional workshops (categories below)
  • opportunities for customized sessions (individual or small group)
  • video training
  • instructions for joining Personal Learning Networks for iPads
  • opportunities for webinars and other external workshops
  • discussion forums on this site for collaborating with colleagues
If you would like to design your own approach to learning about the iPad, please contact Joel Backon.

Basic Workshop Categories



Basic iPad

  • Understanding the hardware -- buttons, connectors, camera, sound
  • Getting around an iPad -- basic gestures, keyboard, text editing
  • Apps - the App store, arranging, groups, redemption codes
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Setting up Mail to connect to Choate Exchange
  • Sync to your laptop or  iCloud
  • Using Dropbox

iPads in the Classroom - Teacher Use

  • What can i do in the classroom?
  • Projection - VGA cable and Apple TV
  • Controlling my laptop from my iPad
  • Whiteboard apps
  • Note-taking apps
  • Presentation/screencast apps
  • Annotating multiple types of materials
  • Recording audio and video

iPads in the Classroom - Student Engagement

  • Creating content / presentations
  • Finding apps
    • for interaction/presentation
    • for communicating outside of class (blogs, voice thread)
    • for collaboration in class
  • Sharing iPad content across the class
  • Using eBooks

iPad Extra Help  

If you are stuck on an App or procedure on your iPad, iPad Extra Help is designed as an open forum with Q&A. There is no set agenda, and a member of the ITS staff will be available to answer your questions.