Sail Training

Our course is blended learning. Ground school sessions (dockside/classroom) are complimented by a morning and 3 evenings of sailing. 

The Marina Brochure contains information on the days, dates, times of the schools, prices, and eligibility requirements. 

When students register and pay at the Marina Office, they are given a US Sailing's Basic Keelboat book [fourth edition] and a local Training Supplement - the references for this Basic Sailing Course. 
The Marina Brochure and the Training Supplement are posted as attachments below.

The Commodore's Welcome contains important information for our students.

Training assignments/assessments are found at subpages A#1 and A#2 . 
Students should complete A#1 before meeting for the first time. 
Students should complete A#2 before scheduling a qualification checkride [A#3]

Those patrons with documented keelboat experience, must submit the training waiver and checkride application below [a PDF file] to the marina office. 
These patrons also complete A#2 before scheduling a challenge checkride sail [A#3

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