Newsletter & Forum

Telltale Newsletter

We publish a newsletter that covers our events and plans. 

As we go to the printer, our club Secretary emails a link to an e-TELLTALE to most of our members. Yes, we have some folks that don't have e-mail and others want to get a paper copy at their next port-of-call. 

The TELLTALE is printed grayscale and mailed through a bulk mailer.

Archived copies are available in color PDF format by clicking on the Logo.


We also have an online forum. Our message boards can be read by anyone. We also have a members-only section.

It is a good place to catch up on unofficial news, topics, and events between TELLTALES and official mailings from our club Secretary.

Follow our discussions on our CHNYC Forum by clicking on the Logo

Official Calendar

Follow our official events on our CHNYC Calendar by clicking on the Logo.

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