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CHNYC Online Registration Explained

You can use this online registration system for many things.  It's easy with the menu driven layout, and you can pay online with a credit card via a secure PayPal transaction - you don't need a PayPal account.  When you check out with your "Shopping Cart", you also have the option to pay by mailing a check to the CHNYC mailbox. Some of the things available via this system include:
    • Paying CHNYC Membership Dues

    • Making contributions to CHNYC

    • Registering & paying for CHNYC Regattas, Sailing Series and Social Events

To use the online registration system, the following guidelines have been established.
    1. Registration via the online system is done by setting up an account using your email address for the sign-in name and whatever password you choose.

    1. You don't have to be a CHNYC member to establish an account in this system.  Setting up an account costs nothing, you only pay for things you register for or purchase such as CHNYC membership, regattas & related events like meals and merchandise.

    1. You can establish a family membership and list your significant other on a single registration. 

    1. Maintain a separate Summer and Winter mailing address so information is sent to the correct location. When you setup your online registration, once signed in, select My addresses located on the left side in the My Account block. Just name the address as "Summer", "Winter" or leave as "My Address" if that's your only address.

    1. Pay by Credit Card or Check!  We accept debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.  We don't store credit card information - whenever you pay via credit or debit card, you are redirected to the PayPal website to conduct a secure transaction, then at the end of the transaction, you are returned to the CHNYC online registration system.  You are sent confirmation emails to the email address you register online with.   

    1. You can log into the system anytime and see what orders you have made in the past.  A link to the online system will be maintained on the CHNYC web site main menu.  Various event pages may also have links directing you to the online registration system.

    1. If you forget your password - There is a link on the bottom of the sign-in page labeled "Forgot your password?" that you can click on.  Enter your email address and your password will be sent to you. You can reset your password by editing your profile once you are signed in by selecting Password & personal info located on the left side in the My Account block.

    1. If your email address changes, or becomes inactive - You can contact the CHNYCStore Administrator via the Contact Us link who can change it to a new email address so you can maintain your existing account.  You can change your own email address by signing in, and once logged in by selecting Password & personal info located on the left side in the My Account block.