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1. What is PHRF Racing?

Answer: PHRF racing allows sail boats of different types to compete against each other fairly. It is a handicapping system that provides adjustments to boats based on design parameters (e.g. sail area, displacement, etc.) and historical performance. Corrections are applied to each boat’s time using its PHRF rating over the length of a course sailed. The PHRF rating is expressed in terms of seconds per mile. The difference in PHRF ratings between two boats is how many seconds per mile the faster rated boat owes the slower boat.


2. What do I need to be eligible to sail in PHRF races?

Answer: You need a PHRF certificate that provides a handicap rating for your boat. The application and instructions for PHRF certificates are available to download from the PHRF-NB web site at http://www.phrf-nb.org/ - you may register with either or both “Cruising Canvas” and “Spinnaker” rating.


3. When & where does the CHNYC PHRF fleet race?

Answer: We race with the Jamestown Yacht Club (JYC) PHRF series. There is a spring and summer series on Tuesday evenings starting the second Tuesday in May. The warning gun sounds at 6pm just south of the Newport Bridge near Jamestown. The fall series shifts to Sunday at noon. 


5. Are there any other races beside the weekly series?

Answer: There are races available almost every weekend in the Narragansett Bay area. The Narragansett Bay Yachting Association (NBYA) hosts popular weekend PHRF races for double-handed (with Spinnaker!), Cruising Class & Spinnaker Class. Information for NBYA races is available on their web site at this link: NBYA  Regattas Sail Newport also hosts a number of races which can be found at this link: http://www.sailnewport.org


6. How do I sign up my boat to race with the CHNYC PHRF Fleet?

Answer: An application for the JYC PHRF race series may be found at the following link http://www.jyc.org/ - in the left menu select “Download Files” and click on the link for “Race Circular”. The application instructions are in this document. Contact the CHNYC PHRF Fleet Captain and let him know you’ll be joining the fun.


7. I don’t own a boat - can I still race?

Answer: All of the CHNYC PHRF racers have the need for crew. Depending on your experience level, these skippers will work with you to provide the training necessary so you are a productive member of their crew. Assignments range from being “rail meat” (e.g. variable ballast that shifts on command) to skilled positions such as Tactician, Foredeck, Sail Trimmer, etc. Feel free to contact  the CHNYC PHRF Fleet Captain to get you matched with a boat.