Guest Moorings

Guest Mooring

CHNYC owns and controls two mooring at the Navy Marina and Sailing Center for member and guest use. The reservation policy is outlined below. 

Mooring Policy

  • Moorings (CHNYC #1 & CHNYC #2) are for the use of current CHNYC members and their sponsored guests.
  • The ‘Reservation CHNYC Guest Mooring’ form is mandatory.
  • Guests of CHNYC Members should have reservations (pending availability) 72 hours (3 days) in advance. Exceptions to this policy can be made through the Commodore and/or Vice Commodore given special circumstances.
  • Moorings are available at no charge for three nights (within a 30 day period) ... additional nights (if mooring is available) are at the discretion of CHNYC.
  • CHNYC Members Only (if there are no reservations) will be authorized to use the moorings on a ‘no-reservation’ conditional basis for a 24-hour (1 day) period or less. The CHNYC member must inform the Marina Office for informational purposes.
  • Non-D.O.D. guests must be sponsored by the host member. The host member is responsible for their guests and all applicable Naval Station arrangements (Security/Gate Access, etc).
  • The user of a CHNYC mooring agrees to assume all risks of use and to waive any and all right to any claims against CHNYC or Naval Station Newport. CHNYC makes no representation concerning the strength of a mooring. The mooring must be vacated if winds exceed 40 mph.

Reservation forms are available at the marina office and also attached below.

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