Tools & Resources

Here are just a few links to useful DST tools and websites:


Image Searching


Audio & Music
  • Garageband is a tool for Macs that allows users to record their own original music through a variety of instrumental sounds and easy editing interface. GarageBand can also be used for recording narrations. (Browse Apple's tutorial video)
  • Jam Studio offers users a simple way to experiment with sound recording online. 
  • Audacity is perfect for recording interviews, narrations, or other voice elements for a DST project.


  • Tips on scanning images
  • ToonDoo and Pixton allows users to create their own digital comic-strips. 
  • FlickR or Picasa are two of the most popular image hosting sites. Creating (and ordering) a gallery of images can be an effective way to tell a story solely through an image sequence.


  • iMovie is a movie-making tool for Macs that offers a wide variety of templates and designs that make any DST project look professional and attractive. More importantly, the editing tools in iMovie facilitate the blending of recorded audio, music, images, text, and video. (Apple provides a brief overview to iMovie on its site.)
  • Movie Maker is Microsoft's movie-making tool for Windows, which provides a simple and professional approach to movie-making. Users can easily import audio files, images, and video to create any short movie. (Also see a description of Movie Maker at Atomic Maker)
  • Animoto's FAQ section is a helpful introduction to the tool, which allows users to upload images and music, insert text, and select a design template in order to create a short movie. Animoto is a much more simple way of creating short movies than iMovie and Movie Maker, but is also more limited in what it offers users. This tool is an excellent way for people new to DST to experiment with digital tales before working with more complex platforms.
  • Little Bird Tales is tool designed for students of all ages. Using Adobe Flash, users can record their voice, upload images, enter text, or use the site's "draw" tool to create their stories. This tool is easy to use, which makes it a perfect for DST projects in elementary schools but applicable for older students as well. Little Bird Tales offers a a helpful FAQ  section and Demo video.
  • ZooBurst is a "digital pop-up book" that offers an alternate form of DST. Users can import images and add text; paid subscriptions offer audio and drawing tools to enhance any story. ZooBurst's Support page and Pricing chart offers a useful overview. 
Ozge Karaoglu's "100 Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves + Natives" (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4) provides a long list of tools that are perfect for experimenting with varying aspects of digital filmmaking. Some interesting tools are BombayTV (adding subtitles and/or audio to Bollywood movies,) Bubblr (comic strips using FlickR images,) and Digital Films (a good tool for practicing video editing).