Ethnic Miao/Hmong Chinese 苗族

From upper left to upper right: lusheng (qeej in Miao/Hmong language), butterfly, maple leaf. Lusheng is a typical Miao musical instrument; butterfly mother is the origin of Miao people in Miao legends; Miao people's first king named Chiyou was locked in a maple shackle by his enemies; maple tree is still considered as a sacred tree to keep village safe in many Miao villages. From lower left to lower right: ox-head dragon and kylin. These two sacred animals are often used as decorative figures in Miao embroidery.

Ayouduo (阿幼朵), a well-known ethnic Miao Chinese singer. She is known as "The Queen of Miao Folk"
Listen to her songs here.
SONG Zuying (宋祖英, ethnic Miao), China's best-known female soprano. She is known as "The Queen of Chinese Folk"
Listen to her songs here.
LONG Qingquan (龙清泉), ethnic Miao Chinese, won a gold medal in Men's 56kg Weightlifting for China in 2008 Beijing Olympics
QIN Liangyu (秦良玉), an ethnic Miao general in the Ming Dynasty, is the only one female general recorded by China's Twenty-Five Histories (二十五史).
Two ethnic Miao young men perform Lusheng (Qeej) Dance during Miao's Lusheng Festival at Gaozhai Miao & Buyi Autonomous Town, Kaiyang County, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province of China
Three ethnic Miao girls prepare food for the Miao New Year
Ethnic Miao children in Leishan County of Guizhou Province prepare to celebrate Miao New Year
A group of Long-horn Miao (a subgroup of the Miao people) girls on the way to celebrate Miao's Tiaohua Festival (literally Dance Flower Festival)
An ethnic Miao boy carries his gun at Biasha (岜沙), Guizhou Province of China. It is generally illegal to keep or carry guns in China, but Biasha Miao tribe is an exception. 
The Qianhu Miao Village (literally One-Thousand-Families Miao Village) at Xijiang Town, Leishan County, Qiandongnan Miao & Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province of China
Lei Gong Shan (雷公山 literally The Thunder God Mountain), the sacred mountain of Miao Chinese.
A cartoon image of Miao
A postcard of Miao