Chloé E. L. Delmas


I'm an evolutionary ecologist interested in
 how the environment impacts biotic interactions and trait evolution in the context of global changes.

I'm currently doing research on the impact of abiotic and biotic factors on plant physiology to understand the underlying mechanisms of grapevine decline as a permanent research scientist at INRA Bordeaux.


My research topics include:
  •     Evolutionary ecology
  •     Plant pathogen evolution
  •     Plant-pollinator interactions
  •     Plant reproductive and pollination biology
  •     Plant ecophysiology

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 Dr Chloé Delmas - chloe.delmas at

 INRA, Centre Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine

 UMR SAVE 1065Santé et Agroécologie du Vignoble

 71, avenue Edouard Bourlaux, 33882 Villenave d'Ornon, France

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