The 2017 Chapel Hill LIGHTUP Lantern Festival is an inclusive community celebration of the Chinese New Year and of cultural diversity through sharing a variety of cultural and arts programs. LIGHTUP is inspired by the Chinese tradition of red lanterns, which are lit during Chinese New Year to symbolize good wishes for the year to come. LIGHTUP infuses the symbol of the lantern with creativity and expression. Participants are invited to decorate and then light up their lanterns with LED lights. The evening concludes with the community coming together for a parade of illuminated lanterns, ushering in an exciting New Year. Come share this celebration of peace and happiness with our community! Directions to the event. 

The event will feature:

  • A community-wide celebration and Lantern Parade, featuring you and your very own lantern
  • Create-your-own lantern at booths hosted by artists
  • Dragon Dance workshop
  • More than 20 hands-on activity booths and exhibits
  • Chinese cultural performances, workshops and games
  • More than 10 booths with authentic Chinese food 
  • Silent Lantern Auction to support local schools and students
  • and much more!