2017 Qi Gong at Wilbur Hot Springs Retreat Weekend - October 20-22

Enjoy the powerful healing waters and peaceful environment of Wilbur Hot Springs while enjoying Qi Gong movement and meditation practices. 

This retreat is specifically design for the Fall Season in preparation for the cold season . I will share practices to boost the immune system and tap into the body own internal power in movement practices, breath practices and stillness meditations.  We will practice active Qi Gong and immerse ourselves in Taoist breath meditations in the AM to strengthen immune system, and in the PM ancient Taoist and modern techniques to release emotional blocks from the body and mind. 

Tap into the transformative power of heart-centered awareness to restore balance and flow. This weekend will combine ancient Taoist  movement practices, conscious awareness of subtle energy, visualization techniques and Taoist meditations. 

 • Morning Taoist breath practices and meditation to strengthen Guardian (Wei) Qi. 
 • Evening sound healing meditation for emotional balancing. 
 • Tao Yoga Qi Gong sequence. 
 • Morning and sunset outdoor Qi Gong sequences for health and vitality.
 • Special and rare Acupuncture treatment designed for spiritual and emotional balancing from Dr. Danny Green (read below). $80 / session until Sept 10th ($120 after)

Dr. Danny Geren, L.Ac., DAOM has specialized in treating the spirit and the emotions through acupuncture and Intuition Medicine(R). These treatments focus on releasing the emotions that accumulate along the journey of being human in a safe, tailored and effective way. 
The treatment is designed for stress of every day life, long standing emotional patterns or deep traumatic emotional wounding. The treatment will include a talk with Dr. Green and follow with an Acupuncture treatment technique rarely practiced in the west. 

Retreat is accessible to all levels of physical ability. Retreat is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners! 

Retreat and accommodation rates
Call (415) 295-2261 or email qiwitheli@gmail.com if you have questions
For more information about Wilbur's Rooms, click here.

Single Occupancy Options:
  • Solar Lodge Bunk Bed - shared bath (total of 5 beds in the room): $498
  • Solar Lodge Shared Room - (2 people per room, 2 individual beds) - shared bath: $498  (Best Value)***
  • Solar Lodge Private Room - shared bath: $749
  • Main Lodge Private Room - shared bath: $639
  • Private Cabin - queen size bed and private bath: $857
  • Camping - one tent per site: $400
***Room partner assigned if you don't have one at registration

Double Occupancy Options:
  • Camping - one tent per site: $720
  • Solar Lodge Private Room - two individual beds and shared bath: $959  (Best Value)
  • Private Cabin - queen size bed and private bath: $1,106
Prices increase 3% after Sept 10, reserve now!

Acupuncture - $80 until Sept 10

Room - $498 - $1106

Retreat Schedule
Friday: arrival anytime from 12 noon onwards 
  • 5pm - 5:30pm - Meet at Yoga Deck for introduction.
  • 6pm-7pm - Outdoor Qi Gong routine to restore internal balance and flow 
  • 7pm-8pm - Evening Sound Healing Meditation and learn the connection between body mind and emotions.
  • 8am-9:30am - Meditation and Taoist breath practices to build Wei Qi   
  • 9:30am-11am - Qi Gong practice for Fall
  • 11am-5pm - Enjoy the Hot Springs, Cook, Hike, Contemplate. Acupuncture treatments with Dr. Green
  • 4pm- 5pm - Qi Gong routine to restore internal balance and flow 
  • 5pm-7pm - Partner practices for emotional energy awareness and Evening Sound Healing Meditation
Sunday: Check out from room by noon
  • 8am-9am - Meditation and Taoist breath practices to build the Wei Qi
  • 9am-10am - Qi Gong practice
  • 10am - Yoga Deck for Q&A  (Red Cabin) and closure.

What to Bring?
In addition to what Wilbur Hot Springs recommends:
  • Wilbur has a fully equipped kitchen and dinning area. As there are no restaurants in the facility, guests must bring their own food.
  • For meditation practice please bring a cushion and blanket. 
  • Water Bottle and sunscreen

Directions to Wilbur
Important: Please print or write the directions and bring them with you, as Wilbur is in an area free from cell phone and GPS reception.

From the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento Wilbur is just a 2½ hour drive northeast of San Francisco or 1½ hour drive northwest of Sacramento. 

The scenic route to Wilbur Hot Springs from the Bay Area is I-80 East to I-505 North to Highway 16 West through the scenic Capay Valley and Cache Creek Canyon until you reach Highway 20. From the intersection of Highways 16 and 20, (see map below) turn left on Highway 20 and drive 500 feet before turning right onto Bear Valley Road. Follow this gravel road for about 4 miles, then turn left to cross the Silver Bridge. Continue one more mile and you’ll arrive at the paradise known as Wilbur Hot Springs! (Be sure to open and close the gate behind you.)

Alternatively, take I-505 North I-5 to North Highway 20 West, driving 18 miles until you reach the junction with Highway 16. Just 500 feet past this junction, turn right on Bear Valley Road, heading north on this gravel road for about 4 miles before turning left to cross the Silver Bridge. Continue one more mile to Wilbur. (Please remember to close the gate behind you.)

Note: Due to unpredictable weather conditions, as well as maintenance, some highways close without warning.  Before coming to Wilbur Hot Springs, please make sure you check for the latest closures.  Click here for highway information…

Google maps can guide you to the intersection of Highways 16 and 20 (see below) from your location. 
Note: 500 feet past the junction of Highways 16 and 20, turn right on Bear Valley Road (Google incorrectly indicates the turn as Wilbur Springs Rd.), head north on this gravel road for about 4 miles before turning left to cross the Silver Bridge. Continue one more mile to Wilbur. (Please remember to close the gate behind you.)