In each class we learn ways to strengthen the body and mind as a unified system. The practice not only strengthens the muscles, tendons, joints and bones; it also fortifies the internal organs, balances the emotions, clears the mind, and increases the overall flow of life-force energy.

Be sure to check out my upcoming workshops designed to deepen your practice!

Qi Gong For Health and Healing - Thursdays 12:15-1:15pm  - Marin JCC in 

San Rafael, CA

This class is a classic gentle healing Qi Gong class. In this class we will combine flowing movement, light stretches, meditative movements and powerful Tze Neng Gong practices. 
Participants will learn a dynamic flow to open the body, to guide and direct internal and external energy through the body energy pathways as well as cultivate more energy. Great for all, but especially for folks looking for therapeutic-healing movement practices.
In each class we learn to develop awareness of subtle energy fields and activate our healing potential. Developing this sensitivity has many benefits outside of the class room. It is a step in developing stronger Self-healing abilities.
Come play with me each Thursday!

Free for members / $20 for non-members

Sausalito Evening Healing Qi Gong - Mondays - 7-8:15pm - 

Sausalito Healing Arts Studio in Sausalito, CA 

Overlooking the water and Belvedere Island this studio is few feet from the water and the beach! A perfect location to welcome a relaxing, nourishing Monday night!  

Join a Healing evening, moving your heart and the body together during sunset time. Connect to the effortless flow wisdom of the Tao and let the light flow through you.

This class combines the effortless flow movements of Qi Gong with  Shaolin Martial Arts Qi Gong movements to develop strength and flexibility and internal power. This practice combines stretches and energetic exercise that combines both yin and yang forms of conditioning.  Yang is dynamic, active, fluid movements and yin is static, meditative, grounding postures. Participants learn a more rigorous flow to open the body as well as cultivate more energy. 

Great for all, especially for folks looking for the therapeutic side of a movement practice and incremental mind-body strength development.

$20/Drop-In  /  $150 for 10 classes  

Naked Men Tao Yoga & Qi Gong Wednesdays - 7:45-9:15pm

 - Quantum Martial Arts 

in San Francisco, CA

This class is a community based class. This class incorporates Healing QiGong and Martial Art QiGong as a combination that cultivate strength, flexibility and develop awareness of subtle healing energy fields internally and externally to balances the mind and the emotions, boost the immune system and heal effortlessly.

Participants will learn a dynamic flow to open the body, guide and direct internal and external energy through the body energy pathways as well as cultivate more energy.

Quantum Martial Arts is located in the heart of the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco.

$10-$20/Drop-In  / Donation class | $10-$20 suggested donation

Zhineng Qi Gong  Monthly - Third Tuesdays of the month 7pm-9pm  - The Center SF. San Francisco, CA  (REGISTER HERE)

A monthly medical Qi Gong class, open to the public! Come Learn how to heal any ailment by forming new patterns between the body and the mind using a scientifically proven Qi Gong (energy practice) technology.

7-7:30pm Community Connection (meet, introduce, drink tea)
7:30-7:45pm - Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) sharing - Eli
7:45-8:30pm- Movement and meditation practice.
8:30pm - Open to dialogue, Q&A around healing.

=Unifield energy field immersion technique
=Sound healing technique
=Gentle movement practice

I look forward to sharing a practice with you!