Software & Automation

  • According to the requirements,we search with the customer the best solution to optimize the control system : electrical as well the software part.

  • Automation is not just only  operating all parts of the installation.It is the key to efficiency, profitability and final results.

  • The automation includes
    •  Control software application: part concrete plant
    •  Control software application: part functionality
    •  Configurator: adjustments
    •  Operator: Production data 
    •  Calculator: history and logging
    •  Quality manager: quality control
  • Control Instrumentation panel
  • Control ICT equipment(PLC , etc...).

  • Electrical Installation

  • Installation, startup and transfer of the installation to the customer.

As far as concerns the humidity control in the mixer, we can garantee its quality for full as well as for part mixtures.