Mechanical wastewater treatment

Mechanical systems:
  1.  Reclaimer
  • The residual concrete reclaimer for precast en readymix concrete plants to seperate waste green concrete into reusable components.
  • Waste or rejected concrete can be brought to the reclaimer with truck mixers, concrete pumps, cleaning hoppersor other suitebble skips.
  • The machine seperates the coarse particles(aggregates) from the fines, which flow out of the machine together with te wasch water as grey
    water(mixture or water with fines < 0.2 mm and cement)
    2.   Filter press for slurry compacting  
  • The press transforms the slurry into highly dewaterde filter cakes, which can be disposed on landfills.
  • The press is equipped with a cake shaker, supporting de discharge of the chamber even they tend to stick to the filterplates.  
     3.    Density measuring 
  • For precast and readymix concrete plants .
  • Fast desity measuring of grey water bassins .
  • Automation of rainwater addition and activation of filterpress.
      4.    Clarifiing system for grey and colord water 
  • The plant design is developed according to the analysis of the layout data. The amount of wasch water, solids content and components are determined. These data are used to define the procedure and the required dimensions for the plant.

  • Generally a preseparations of the solids (aggregates> 0.2 mm)by using a reclaimer system is hyghly recomended.

  • This ennsures that only fines such as cement, fines < 0.2 mm or colour pigments are transported into the water treathment system.

  • In the carifiing system grey water is clarified and solids are separated from the water. The resulting green water can be returned to the production. The rested slurry also can be returned to production or pumped towards a filter press.