Recycling: water purification

Inside companies the environmental awareness is growing. The choice to recycle shows that your company not only makes an environmental choice, but also an economical one.
  • Given the considerable landfill costs within a company, we Chivado Projects also focus on this aspect. 

  • For companies,discharge of surface water, rainwater and polluted water is strictly regulated. To meet this regulation, recycling is a necessity.

  • For the recycling of wet concrete and the wastewater, we can recommend an appropriate solution. 

  • We have the following possibilities:
    ◦ Biological purification;
    ◦ Mechanical purification. 

  • Both systems ensure that virtually all materials can be reused in the production process. When using dyes in concrete, a clarifiing tank and a filter press are necessary to be able to reuse the waste.

  • We can also develop biological wastewater treatment systems for all kinds of applications for personal use, agricultural use,industrial applications,etc....