Maintenance management

  • Chivado Projects specializes in maintenance management and maintenance of new and existing industrial facilities.
    Maintenance management is done by using a specific software product.
    The preparation of the maintenance budget is done in consultation with the client and includes the balance between profit, risk and overall maintenance costs.

  • In general, for optimization purposes, we can subdivide the maintenance budget in periods to retain a maximum production capacity.
    In consultation with the client a (maximum) budget can be setup to provide for the the nessesary replacements and related work.

  • The maintenance budget is determined by following factors: the cost of the preventive and predictive maintenance and the cost for the parts that have reached the failure probability of interference to be replaced, however before they will malfunction.

  • Working with internal customer own service departement is possible and even preferred.

  • We also can provide maintenance assessment if required. It is a phased approach consisting of the following elements:  
◦ Elements to determine the maintenance budget.
◦ Determination of the first annual maintenance budget.
◦ Adjustment of the annual budget based on key performance indicators(KPI).
  • KPIs used are related to: safety/environment , plant availability.