Quality & laboratory

  • We have the know-how to prepare concrete mixtures to suit the specific needs of the customer.

  • Some examples are:
        ◦ all standard concrete mixtures;     
        ◦ underwater or colloidal concrete;
        ◦ self-leveling and self-compacting concrete, RDC, SCC;
        ◦ shotcrete (dry or wet spraying method);
        ◦ special concrete, heavy, lightweight and lightweight structural concrete;
        ◦ fiber reinforced concrete with steel and/or synthetic fiber;
        ◦ high and ultra high strength concrete;
        ◦ colored concrete, and others
  • In the photo slider below are some specific tests of self-leveling and self compacting concrete (RDC SCC) illustrated. 
  • Additionally we can for and with you prepare and apply the file for the BENOR and/or KOMO certification for the inspection of concrete production plants and/or precast elements.This includes the preparation, start-up and support during this application period. It concerns here specifically BENOR & KOMO certification according to the normalisation NBN EN 206-1 and NEN EN 206-1, respectively, for Belgium and the Netherlands). 
  • If required, we can offer a specific individual or integrated software program that is linked to production, quality control and costcalculation services. 
  • We can provide the practical guidance and training of your people during the concrete tests for this certification.