Juridical Expert

            Connected KGSO/CEJA

            Belgian Chamber of Experts

            charged with Juridical Arbitration  & Contracts

Duties of a legal expert.

• undeniable findings of facts.

• observation, analysis and assessement of the facts without any degree of bias.

• the expert, has an extreme delicate and subtile task to translate the technical aspects of the dispute.

• these issues should be easily understood by the parties and the court, to allow the judge to decide.

• it is not up to the expert to determine the right or wrong of the parties, but to provide an advice to allow the court to make
 a complete and correct analysis on the technical aspects of the dispute.


3.06 Water tightness of constructions
3.11 Regular and special foundations, Soil Mechanics
3.12 Concrete Structures

◦ Concrete description and quality
◦ Concrete structures, concrete damage
◦ Reinforced concrete
◦ Regular and special foundations - soil mechanics
◦ Industrial concrete floors
◦ Waterproofing of concrete Structures
◦ Concrete swimming pools
◦ Damage to concrete, cracks, flaking, cracking, etc..
◦ Quality Concrete
◦ Aesthetic assessments of exposed concrete.
  Chys Ivan
  Concrete Technologist 
  Juridical Expert