Based on our 35 years of theoretical and practical experience in the concrete industry,we can properly serve our customers. This experience includes research,production,transportation of concrete, pooring of concrete in the right shuttering,protecting, demoulding.

We aim to support our clients in following area’s: 

         • start up of new and remodeling of existing concrete plants. 

         • precast concrete plants:installation of new ones or remoddeling of existing
       • Upgrading of software and automation systems for manufacturing and

          laboratory purposes  according to following standards: NBN EN 206-1,

          NBN B15-001, NEN 206-1 

  •  Conceptual studies, calculation of costs and benefits and cash flow analysis for specific projects.

Examples have been:
  1.  construction of a new precast concrete plant and factory
  2.  design and construction of a carousel system for full, hollow walls and other prefabricated slabs
  3.  Project: Waasland 2 nd lock in the Antwerp harbor.
    This included:
-Purchase of aggregates, cement, additives;
-Purchase or rental of complete concrete mixing plants;
-Providing space for the storage of granulates;
-Renting or purchase of concrete mixers, front loaders, electric 
 generators, etc;
-All logistic facilities;
-All associated costs including needed personal;
-Cost of the concrete including all elements.
• The analysis of concrete-related problems, as well as providing a solution. 
• We cooperate with our clients to achieve their goals and expectations, whether it
 concerns a partial or a total project solution.
• Chivado Projects is also innovativatively and progressively minded. We closely follow the latest market developments.
• We have an Official Recognition as a service for the KMO portfolio pillars Advice, Strategic advice and Consultancy International Business
• Quality assessment and layout of concrete compositions. 
If you have a concrete problem, we provide a "concrete" solution