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Chivado Projects stands for an experienced and dynamic company with a versatile service, in short your all-round partner for concrete structures and concrete installations.
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Our services:

  • Format and layouts for precast concrete plants, facilities, plants.
  • assistance with purchasing, quote for precast concrete plants and factories.
  • calculations for concrete and related projects.
  • of concrete mixing plants
  • concrete installations
  • mobile concrete hoppers
  • concrete spreaders
  • others... 
 Sales second hand:
  • of concrete mixing plants
  • concrete installations
  • building materials and machineries
  • others...     
 Rental concrete plant:
  • concrete mixing plant
  • capacity 85 m³/uur
 Laboratory & quality:
  • concrete advice on site, factory or at the concrete plant.
  • style recipes and ITT tests. 
  • extensive experience in the supervision of power plants and concrete plants in achieving and maintaining a quality certificate on concrete and concrete products.
  • training of your qualitymanager by an experienced concrete technologist during startup and application quality certificate. 
  • basic training in quality management or concrete mixer truck drivers and applicators. 
 Raw materials for concrete:
  • advice on the purchase of aggregates, sand, limestone, porphyr, gneiss, others ... 
  • advice purchase of cement, limestone powder, powder fly ash, silica fumes, and others ...
    advice on purchase of concrete additives such as plasticizers, superplasticizers, accelerators, retarders, and others ...
 Project & & Site monitoring:
  • advice and calculation of cost of projects including costs, benefits, cash flow analysis.
  • monitoring of the site or the project during implementation, including reporting to management.
  • monitoring of site meetings.
 Software & automation:
  • advice on design and layout software programs and automation of concrete plants, concrete conveyor systems, prefabricated systems.
 Water recycling :
  • advice on choosing concrete wastewater recycling system, biological or mechanical.
  • format a layout and calculate the capacity and cost of the chosen system.
 Maintenance management:
  • monitoring and advising (wear) parts for the maintenance of installations.
  • preparing  a maintenance system and the associated costs. 
 Juridical expertise:
  • preparing an expert report commissioned by, individuals, corporations, insurance companies or courts.
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We hope through this website to serve and answer your questions. Do you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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