Samantha Lee-Ming Chiu

Forbidden City, Beijing, China (2008)
Samantha specializes in scientific quantitative and qualitative data analysis and collection, with a focus on public opinion and survey methodology. She designs research plans for when data may not exist, and has managed operations in hard-to-reach populations (i.e. conflict/crisis zones, developing countries): over 60 international projects in over 30 countries. 

She has evaluated gender issues, aid programs, elections and political participation, health access and equality, and democratization from both the academic and implementation perspective. Samantha is a subject matter expert on the gender gap; original projects include: The Gender Research Initiative, Women in Muslim Countries Project, Coding with Girls, Women Who Code, and an impact program with Women in Statistics and Data Science. Samantha has evaluated topics on international & national security, defense, and conflict; implementing designs for baseline evaluations, impact assessments, operations protocols, and program management. She presents original research in high-pressure settings to key decision-makers and high-ranking officials in government, military, and private organizations. Samantha has anthropometry training and speaks multiple critical languages; machine learning, modeling & simulation, coding skills, and graduate coursework in higher-level statistical analysis. 

Samantha is currently on a full-time military contract with Booz Allen Hamilton consulting on survey methodology. As a volunteer, she is the former Chair of Business with Statistics Without Borders and Research Director with Witness Change

Other skills include advanced statistical modeling (hierarchical linear modeling, regression analysis, factor analysis), Chinese (State Department's Freeman-Asia and Benjamin A. Gilman Scholar), and Spanish. Ms. Chiu’s educational background includes a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Texas A&M University, and a Certificate in Big Data & Social Analytics from MIT.