Eric E Chiu JR


*CEO’s Assistant, Intumit Tech; Taipei - 1999-2000

Intumit Tech is a provider of KM (Knowledge Management) softwares; we provided KM solutions to government agencies, private corporations and public schools.  I was the CEO’s assistant at my junior year of college.

*Founder & CEO, Star Electronics; Taipei - 2000- 

At my sophomore of college, I started my own business as a retailer of consumer electronic products.  We had open up 3 stores in downtown Taipei city, and an online store in Yahoo Shopping.

*Founder & CEO, CHNAME; Taipei, Beijing, Singapore - 2003-

CHNAME is the official domain name registrar of the China Internet Network Information Center (AKA CNNIC, the highest authority of Internet affairs in China).  We gained the exclusive right for selling CNNIC’s Chinese domain names in Taiwan since 2003.

*Founder & CEO,; Taipei - 2003-

The first traditional Chinese “keyword” system in the world, which enables users to input   traditional Chinese in the web browser’s URL bar when surfing the net.  We are currently applying for patent in Taiwan and the US. 

*BA in Applied Foreign Languages, Shien Chien University; Taipei- 1999-2003

Published Works
* “At 19”, Aquarius Publications, 2002 

* “The Concentration Camp for English Learners”, Aquarius Publications, 2003 

* “Young Aspects" (Monthly Column), Management Magazine, 2004- * “Tech Fever" (Monthly Column), Excellence Magazine, 2004- 

* “24 Credits for a Young CEO” Training Magazine Chinese Edition, 2004-2005

* Web applications of E-Commerce 

* Online Marketing 

* Cultural & scientific observation