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Have you heard Google Bookmarks Button(GBB)? It is an excellent Firefox addon.

你有聽過 Google Bookmarks Button(GBB) 嗎?這是一個很好的 Firefox 插件。

At the beginning, I found that it is unable save Chinese bookmark titles into Google Bookmarks.


From the comments from other users, I found that a line of code can be added to let the addon able to save the bookmarks correctly.


This make me start to modify this addon. And I found that I have changed quite a lot on it.

這使 我開始修改此插件。漸地,我發現我已經改變了很多。

And finally I wish other people can share with me about this addon.


So I post the addon on mozilla site, stating that it is modified from GBB.


After long time bug fixing, mozilla make the addon out of sandbox and released to public.


Some times before, mozilla introduces "Licencing", all newly posted addon have to state its license come with.

某一天,Mozilla推出有關 “執照” 的規則,所有新發布的插件必須說明其許可執照。

As GBB don't have updates, don't have licenses come with, so I have to contact the original author to get his permission or rewrite the addon.


Actually, I have tried to contact the author long time ago about using his code, I don't have any reply. Yes, you can say I use his code with his authorization.


And now, "Google Bookmarks Button Reloaded" addon page is removed on mozilla's site.

現在,"Google Bookmarks Button Reloaded" 插件頁面已消失於 Mozilla 的網站。

The only choice is rewrite the addon, but I don't have time recently, or maybe the motivation is gone.


Anyway, wish I will continue my work and post it on mozilla some day~


Really thanks to whom suggesting good ideas, providing locale, sent me email and using this addon!!



This add-on is modified from Pau Tomàs's work.


Mozilla Site (latest public)
[Add to Firefox]

Mozilla Site (latest experimental)

a. Please download gbbr-1.3.4-fx.xpi_ (or gbbr-2.0.0-fx.xpi_ beta)

b. Rename it into gbbr-1.3.4-fx.xpi (or gbbr-2.0.0-fx.xpi)

c. Drag into Firefox

Release Notes:


- Fix "Add bookmark" dialog comes out when pressing some menu items on the drop down menu (Thanks for Ricardo)

- Merge the bookmark list box and bookmark button to save space (Thanks for guenzo!)


- Added Polish (pl-PL) locale (Thanks for Grzegorz Janik's translation!)
- Remove unsafe JavaScript

Look forward to a rewritten version..


- fix unable to retrieve some bookmarks (Thanks for Ricardo!)


- even "Open bookmarks in new tab" is checked, if current page is empty (about:blank), current page will be used (Thanks for Борис Кучин's suggestion)
- "Copy Link Location" can be found on popup menu (Thanks for Борис Кучин's suggestion)
- now the menu items can be dragged so as to manage bookmarks
- fix v1.2.x menu item "Remove label" not work


- fix bug on first installation that the bookmark button haven't been located on toolbar
- performance enhancement


- the display of favicon is faster and more accurate

- better bookmark list handling during login / logout

- bookmark all tabs prompts where to put the bookmarks (Thanks for Борис Кучин's suggestion)

- whether put text "Bookmarks" on bookmark list button is a choice 

- show "notes" on tooltips of each bookmark item

- display rotating star while the bookmark list is processing

- show number of bookmarks in each label (Thanks for Борис Кучин's suggestion)


- added showing "Interesting things"
- added Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) locale


- Great! Completed nomination process, thanks all!
- Added a an shortkey: Alt+* for adding/editing bookmarks


- Fix duplicate entries on right click pop up menu for adding bookmark to Google
- Fix unexpected result on checking whether the page is bookmarked when bookmark list is not retrieved


- Fix error on checking whether the page is bookmarked

0.9.3, 0.9.4

- Fix full loading when "Show favicon" option is enabled (Thanks for pellk's comment!)
- Use common confirm dialog instead of javascript confirm dialog when confirm deleting bookmarks or labels.


- Improved performance for rapidly refresh bookmarks list with "Show favicons" option enabled.
- Fix bug on translation: Dutch(NL), Catalan(ca-AD)


- Further improvement on coding, put all the classes into GBBR namespace (wish, wish, wish~)


- Added "Remove bookmark" on add/edit bookmark page
- Modify bookmark by clicking the star when browsing the web page, and click the start with pressing Ctrl to perform a quick add/remove of bookmark
- Make a better user experience by retrieving and processing the bookmark list first, instead of clearing the list first
- Improvement on coding (wish the addon out of sandbox soon~)


- it will be always open in new tab for "Manage bookmarks" menu item
- when user not signed in, don't show the separators (thanks Ashley)


- Thanks for Ricardo reporting that the RSS feed of google bookmarks got a limit of 1000 entries, user with more than 1000 bookmarks will be unable to view all of the bookmarks, if you are using version 0.7.0 or 0.8.0, please use this updated version.


- Added status information when retrieving bookmarks
- Supports Firefox 3.1 beta 2
- Fix for add / edit bookmark dialog, label textbox unable to display non-ASCII characters
- Fix menu -> edit bookmark won't perform as add bookmark
- Fix some cases the title, notes haven't been filled when adding the bookmark
- Performance enhancement


- Great enhancement on retriving bookmarks from google as the RSS feed retrived now contains all information, no need to grab the XML file anymore.

- Fix "Import Fiirefox bookmarks, now both works fine with Firefox 2 and 3

- Better handling of "Unlabelled bookmarks" folder, bookmarks with no labels won't appear with "Unlabeled" anymore (if "unlabeled bookmarks grouping" is enabled)

- For bookmark with multiple tags, it should be appears in different folders, however, the favicon is only displayed on the last item (if "Show favicons" is enabled), now it is fixed

- Mouse over the folder won't appear annoying tooltips

- Minor bug fix


- Big thanks to Seb who provided fixing on French translation!


- Now pop up menu for "Add this link to Google bookmarks" not only appears on right clicking the link on the page, but also anywhere on the page!


- Disabled pop-up menu for deleting / renaming of "Unlabeled items"

- The Add / Edit bookmark dialog display link URL in a READONLY textbox instead of a DISABLED textbox


- Thanks Ashley Johnston's report:

   (1) FIX Ctrl + left click unexpectedly opens bookmark twice

   (2) ADDED "Open bookmarks in new tab" option


- Thanks PERORO again! Addeded back missing message bundles. 


- Thanks PERORO that fixed the issue on zh-TW locale setting, and the translation!


- Lots of updates
- Added zh-TW translation 


- Fixed when adding / editing a bookmark, the labels listing is wrong. (Thanks for PERORO)


- Put "Show favicons" out of "Experimental"

- Added feature that group Unlabeled bookmarks (Experimental)


- Compatible with Firefox 3


- For first installation, "GBBR" button will be placed next to "Forward" button


- Fixed issue that the label drop down box don't show any labels


- Fixed error when displaying "Edit bookmark" dialog

0.0.1 Initial release.

- Supports international chars

- Fix displaying pop up menu issue

- Compatible with FF3 (actually beta 5) 

Wish you will like it ;)

Chiu Chiu,
2010年8月13日 上午1:24
Chiu Chiu,
2010年8月11日 下午10:03