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Parthi Yatra - Feb 8-10, 2013

posted Feb 12, 2013, 9:29 AM by Sai samithi Chitlapakkam   [ updated Feb 14, 2013, 3:57 PM ]

By Swamy’s grace, We at Chitlapakkam Samithi , were fortunate enough to be part of the Parthi Yatra organized by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations, Kanchipuram North.  Swamy’s grace was evident from the minute this pilgrimage was planned, till this minute of writing this account. So many scintillating incidents of miracle, experiences connected with the Yatra have been happening.

 The purpose of this post is to re-live the moments of the Yatra as it happened during Feb 8 - 10 for those who took part in it and help those who could not be part of the group to virtually take the tour and enjoy the bliss too..!

 We started our journey by boarding the bus at Hasthinapuram bus stand. Two buses were waiting readily to take us all to central station.. thanks to our convenor to have visited the PTC depot early in the morning and ensuring that the buses reach Hasthinapuram bus stand on time to pick us up..

 The following programs were conducted during the train journey , that every one participated in .


Sri PN Balasubramanian (fondly called as PNB), one of our Samithi members and a long time devotee of Swamy , prepared questions and conducted a quiz on spiritual topics. All took part in it and matched the exuberance of the Quiz master by enthusiastically answering the questions.

Thanks PNB.. for your effort and such a wonderful session..May Swamy’s grace be with you..!

 Musical Quiz

A Quiz  based out of Sai Bhajans was compiled and conducted by Sri Sivaramakrishnan (Fondly called Siva) Youth leader of our Samithi. Every one participated in it and shared their Joy …! Thanks Siva for braving your not so good health and spending your energy and time on Sai Seva..! May Swamy’s grace be with you..!

 About Swamy

Sri Dinakaran - Sharing his Swamy experience

Thanks to Sri Dinakaran who compiled and delivered a talk on Swamy, His life, Teachings and miracles during the course of the journey that helped keep the Swamy consciousness intact.

Experience sharing

Several devotees long time & new shared their experiences, feeling about the Yatra  , incidents and moving personal stories of their life that connected them with Sai, added to the blissful atmosphere .

Devotional Music by Mahilas 

Samithi mahilas lead by by Smt, Yamuna and Smt. Abhirami gave a blissfull performance of devotional music on Sai.

Sai Geetham by Yamuna and Abhirami - Chitlapakkam Samithi 


Sai Nama Sankeerthanam

Nama sankeerthanam is an essential part of every spiritual aspirant. Sai Nama alone can carry us  to the other side of Samsara Sagara.. Karthick Gnaneshwar ,(fondly known as Karthick)  gave a wonderful performance of Sai Nama Sankeerthanam and immersed us all in bliss..May Sai bless Karthik with whatever he needs..!


Sri .V.Sridharan, a first time visitor of Parthi , gave a hilarious Mimicry performance that was enjoyed by old and young alike. It took a long while for the happy laughter to fade..But never from our memories..!

At Prasanthi


The start was a bit delayed at Chennai and hence we reached Prasnthi Nilayam quite late in the night at about 1 am. We were to reach Prasanthi Nilayam for dinner. None of us expected to see dinner available at that late hour (rather early hour of the next day..) But monther Sai's love is boundless, hot food greeted us at the entrance of the accommodation hall.. We all had delecious Prasadam before retiring to bed.

The Sai Bhaktha Nivas, a newly constructed building had all the conveniences to accommodate 2000+ people comfortably. We all had peaceful stay at the lap of Mother Sai..!

The arrangements for timely food and beverages was impeccable, true to the Sai Tradition. Never ever for a momement any of us felt a need un-fulfilled. 

Even sumptuous lunch ,snacks,biscuits,bread was packed for the return journey.  Who in the world can match the love of Mother Sai..?

Kanchi dt Balvikas students presented a cultural program comprising of Music and Dance at Sai Kulwant Hall

Radio Sai account of cultural programs performed by Kanchi dt.


All of us realized a change in our hearts , each one , one way or other.. a feeling of seeing the mother after a long break.. ! Amidst the ocean of Joy and bliss, there was no sad moment..Alas..! it came at the end… Yes, all of us were sad when the Yatra ended. But also realized that our spiritual yatra has commenced. Let’s all hold Sai Nama in lips, Sai Seva in hands, memories of this Yatra in our heart and continue our journey.. the journey to eternity… the journey to Mother Sai..!



Photo tiles of Part 1

Photo tiles of Part 2