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85th Birthday of Swamy - Celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam

posted Nov 19, 2010, 12:49 AM by SRI SATHYA SAI SEVA ORGANISATIONS, Chitlapakkam   [ updated Dec 25, 2017, 1:56 AM ]
Sridharan From Prasanthi Nilayam:
I am fortunate enough to be present at Prasanthi to witness the Swamys birthday celebrations. I will be in Prasanthi Nilayam between 18th and 24th November. I intend posting the photos from Prasanthi Nilayam on a daily basis in this column. Please keep looking at this space on a daily basis to have a virtual Prasanthi Darshan..!
A few vidoes like the lighting near the Food Pavilion are with me. Due to internet bandwidth issues, I am unable to load them then and there. Will load all of them on 25th Night .. along with Chitlapakkam Samithi Photos...!
Keep watching this space for Photos of  THE DAY 23rd November. Expect to post them by 23rd Night..!
Many more photos of cultural Events (Bengali Singing,Rajasthani Folk dance) added to the album . Please see Under 21-NOV-10. 
Karpaga Vriksham
I wanted to visit the Hill-View stadium prior to 23rd. But for some reason, I was not able to. 22nd Monday is a holiday for Chaitanya Jothi and consequently the road to Hill view stadium too was blocked for general visitors. I was desparate to see the preparations at Hill View stadium prior to the birth day.
Suddenly, an idea struck me. I just decided to climb up to the cliff that has the Karpagavriksham from where the Hill view stadium and Chaitanya Jyothi building used to be visible. I trusted my long Zoom digicam and climbed up and reached the top of the hill.
I could capture a few great photos that showed an aereal view of the Hill-View Stadium. Preparation is in full swing. I have shot a number of photos of the same spot just to be sure that i get a few good ones. All look decent to me. I did not have time to choose which one to load. So loaded all. Trust it gives a good perspective of what is in store on 23rd November. Hope you like them all.
While Swamy used Karpaga Vriksham to materialize all kinds of fruits to his school mates, He is present in the Prasanthi to help us with the goal of our lives- attaining him, realizing His true self and consequently our true Self...! Lets make the best use of the Divine Karpavriksham by living his message..! Love all Serve all..!

We are begining to see the real crowd today...!
One sees everywhere the waves of heads of devotees. Sai bliss every where. Impeccable arrangements ensure one doesn't have to wait even a minute in the food pavilion to get the sumptuous and delecious food (with sweet)..!
Everything falling in place can never be more precise than this... Sai Grace is evident in every act. These things are never possible by Humans..
I am reminded of Krishna Leela ..the day when Lord Krishna was born... Right from the opening of prison gate till River Yamuna paving way for Vasudeva was master minded by Lord Krishna.... We are witnessing acts that are many times more miraculous today at Prasanthi enacted by our Kali yuga Krishna...Parthi Krishna..!
Lighting arrangements near the Food Pavilion is un believable- The arrangement looks to be depicting the fact that Jyothir Maya Sai is at the nucleus of the Universe....See for yourself the splendour.

Exhibition Pictures (continued)
Swamy's OMNI presence is evident from the International Stall in the exhibition. There is no place in the world map that does not have a Sai organization...
See for yourselves in these pictures ... towards the end are the pictures from international Sai organization..!
Cultural events like Devotional singing, Folk dances are arranged in the Indoor stadium lawn every day at 11 am and 4 PM.
Rajasthan folk dance is slated for tomorrow. I hope to post a few pictures tomorrow night.
A few Photos of devotional singing that took place today (21-Nov)  can be seen below.

Bright and colorful shops in Puttaparthy adds to the Carnivel atmosphere of the occassion

Around the Ashram Puttaparthy sports the festive look Click here.
A few more day light photos are added to Prasanthi Ashram photo set below.
Reached Sai Prasanthi Nilayam Railway stationon 18th by Guntur Passenger at 12:30pm. Myself and hundreds of fellow Sai devotees were all very hungry and we hurried to catch the earliest transport to reach the Ashram. Mother Sai did know about our hunger..Free lunch was awaiting us at the station..We all had sumptuous lunch before we boarded buses and Autos. Not even a minute will you feel the hunger when you are in Prasanthi Nilayam. Elaborate arrangements are made to distribute food three times a day between 15th and 24th Nov..!  Who else than Mother Sai wil have such compassion..!
The station is full of colors and decorations...!

The entire village of Puttaparthy is sporting a new look.. All places are repainted with bright colors..Numerous beautiful arches add to the granduer of the occassion.. The festivity can not be explained in words adequately. Please see a few photographs below:

An exhibition on Sri Sathya Sai Village integrated program activities of various states and overseas countries is on display at the Indoor Stadium.. Each state and overseas units have a stall displaying photographs and graphics of Sri Sathya Sai Village integrated program activities. Colorful stalls can be seen below.
Prasanthi Ashram is full of light inside. How else will it be when it houses the Koti Surya Prakasan?
There is huge light tower and Sri Rangam temple Raja Gopuram set inside the Ashram near the food Pvavilion that is situated beyond North block.
Photos were allowed of the lighing and the Sri rangam Gopuram apart from other miniature proto-type of Maha Kaleshwar temple Ujjain, Triyambageshwar Nasik, Govindjee temple Manipur.