Sai Thirupugazh-English

Oh .. Great Lord of Puttaparthi, Thou are the giver of what we seek

Thou were on earth in human sheath.. To Shower Thy grace that's so sweet..!


Thou are the truth that created the sky, Thou were on earth that descended from sky 

Though Thou form shall not be seen..Sure Thou reside in hearts so keen..!


The music of Vedha chanted in cheer .. is the honey that flows in our ears

Melts the heart to wet with love .. shows Thine form right here and now..!


Chant the Vedha even we don’t , Think Thy Paadha even we don’t

Through that selfless  Seva we do..Shower Thy happy Grace that Thou show


Thou are the doctor that cures the mind.. Thou are the mother that pours the Kind

Stop the thought of me and Mine..Please be with us ever to shine..!


Thou Anna poorni that feeds hungry ..and  are the Saraswathi that  lifts brainy..

Thou are the light not so easy ...Oh!.. my Mother please be with me..!


Thou are the God of Great Bharath .. Thou are the peerless King of Sath

Thou are the clouds that gives water. . Quietly thou quench with no flutter..!


Thou are the Universe and made it too ... Thou are the atom and within it too..

Thou are the God in the hearts so true.. Please don’t leave us  Sai..! save us too..!


Thou are the effortless rising light.. Thou are the endless Being bright

Thou make every thing in life .. Thou are the life and life in life …!


Oblations.. Oblations.. at Thine feet..

Success is Ever.. With Thou in heart..

We chant Thy glory none can thwart..

You are my God of Love in heart..!


Nov 24, 2011, 8:50 AM