Core members

These are members of our Samithi and are actively involved in all the activities of Samithi.


.. is a very active member of this Samithi and had been a convener for a long tenure. One of the senior members who was Instrumental in developing the Samithi to the stage it is in today.

Strict disciplinarian and a near-perfect example of a Sai Devotee. 

 Sri. Ramanathan 
.. one of the senior members of the Samithi. Has held positions of responsibility in the past- Convener,spiritual coordinator.

Is actively involved and provides his valuable inputs in almost every activity of the Samithi..!
 Sri. Sankaravadivelu

.. one of the senior and active members of Samithi. Bhajan is his forte. Swamy has blessed him with soft,sweet and melodious voice that is admired by all fellow devotees.

His Velavaa-Velavaa bhajana binah sukha Santhi nahin..!
 Sri. Radhakrishnaiyah
.. a senior and veteran Sai devotee. Welfare of Samithi and Sai service come ahead of personal life in his dictionary. He has made immense contribution in all Sai service activities and a source of strength to the convener.

Derives much pleasure in decorating Swamy. An emotional singer as well..!
 Sri. P.N.Balasubramanian an old timer; but a youth when it comes to Sai service activities. He use his immense experience in blood donation related voluntary activities to the benefit of the Samithi. 

An efficient crowd controller in any congregation.
Dr.Patrayan a valuable addition to our Samithi. Has served the organization as a convener at Thirunelveli for 15 years before moving over to Chitlapakkam. 


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