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Welcome Letter



 Dear Students,

     Welcome to our classroom.  I am so excited to be your teacher this year.  Third grade is unlike any other grade you have been in so far.  You are becoming the leaders of the primary elementary.  You are now expected to be more responsible, more organized, and more "grown-up" than years before.  You are entering into a grade where we will be exploring concepts at a deeper level.

    We will begin the year learning about the expectations for our classroom.  You are expected to act accordingly to insure that all students will have the same opportunity to learn, to grow socially and academically.   We will spend the first few weeks practicing the expectations in our classroom so that they become automatic.  Remember, the things you do the most are the things you do the best. 

     We will also be spending time learning about the computer.  We will work on keyboarding skills, internet skills through our webquests, and learning about Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. 

      You will have grades taken and we  are considered a high-stakes testing year. We will also be using our remote control units for daily reviews and weekly quizzes.  We will use our SMARTboard for interactive lessons, powerpoints, and play Jeopardy and other games for review.  

      Wow - what an exciting year we are going to have together.  I am looking forward to our adventure together and to see our 'waves' in action.



                                    Mrs. Bartnick