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3rd Grade Survival Tips






If you get assigned a long-term project, do it in small parts.  Follow the Timeline!

Always do your homework at home, not on the bus.

Try your best.

When you write something, don't write sloppy, or the teacher won't be able to read it.

Don't talk during reading and writing, because others are trying to concentrate.

Always be organized, and remember that "every paper has a home" in your binders.

Always be prepared for an upcoming test or assignment.

If you and a friend are having a problem, use an "I Message" before going to the teacher.

If you don't understand something, ask a partner or friend for help.

Include everyone.

Set up a schedule for your homework.

Don't call out- raise your hand.

Think positive, not negative. You can do it!

Always smile, and people will like you. 

Try to learn cursive, so that you can write with it everyday.

Always try for the "Maximum" if you can do it!

Always edit your work before turning it in.

Don't talk in the hall.

Think about others- not just yourself.

Have fun in 2nd grade!

Keep your desk clean, neat, and organized.

Put your names on your papers - all of them!

by the Class of 2013-2014