Services & fees

* 60 minutes                        $  80.00

* 90 minutes                        $110.00

* Pediatric session               $  40.00

* Pre-paid package of 4      $260.00

Payment can be made by check, MasterCard or Visa.

The Center for Health Integration offers an innovative holistic approach to healing from chronic stress, trauma, inflammation, pain, and life’s transitions. Each individual session attends to the specific issue/concern that is presented at the time of the appointment. All customized treatments will involve touch therapies; but may not always include traditional massage. 


Treatment options may involve:


 *Bio-energy Therapeutics (Healing Touch, Reiki)

 *Continuum Breath Work

*CranioSacral Therapy (Adult and pediatric)

*Directional Healing

 *Integrative Healing Massage

*Manual Inflammation Reduction / Lymph Massage

*Somato-Emotional Release

*Sound Healing / Vibrational Therapy

When a deeper healing therapeutic experience is beneficial, sessions may include multiple therapists who work together as a team for the client’s benefit.

Additional therapists are also paid at the above rates.