On-site clinic

South Carolina On-site Integrative Health Clinic

Our vision is to co-create a community in partnership with sponsoring organizations and private individuals dedicated to providing integrative holistic health services for the healing of chronic stress and trauma.

In October 2012 a cooperative of licensed/certified health-care practitioners established the On-site Integrative Health Clinic, an innovative approach for transforming  chronic stress and trauma. In January 2015 the clinic was rededicated to focus on the specific needs of traumatized women. The clinic provides specialists in integrative health and the following modalities:

* CranioSacral Therapy (for pediatric and adults)
* Educational Classes for Stress Reduction
* Energy Balancing
* EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique
* Myofascial/Lymph Massage
* Meditation
* Yoga
* Sound Vibrational Therapy
* Counseling
* Self-care Tools
* One- or Two-day Retreat / Intensives

These techniques are proven to be beneficial for the relief of chronic pain and stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, avoidant behaviors, conflicts, emotional numbing or guarding, muscle tension, and hypervigilance.

Our mission is to facilitate individual and group well-being that will enable reconnection of mind, body & spirit, restore balance and peace of mind, and strengthen resilience.



 Appointments required. Appropriate for all ages.

Individual and group sessions.




Pamila Lorentz


Clinic Director




 Barbara Borom, PhD, LPC

 Joy Lee Connor, LMBT

      Lori Noe Edwards, RN, MS, L.Ac.