About Chi Energy Balance

The Center for Health Integration (CHI)  is now Chi Energy Balance.

Please visit our new website, chienergybalance.com, and facebook page.

Contact information remains the same, but look for us at our new address: 3610 Landmark Drive, Columbia, SC 29204. 

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Chi is a therapeutic bodywork practice that offers an innovative approach for healing patterns of chronic stress and traumatic injury. 

Integrative massage, manual therapies (primarily CranioSacral Therapy), dialogue, sound healing, and relaxation practices create a safe and comfortable space for inviting the body's natural healing wisdom to express new avenues of change and release. 

Pam Lorentz, MSW, RN, LMBT, has more than twenty years of professional experience helping people restore and renew their minds, bodies, and spirits through holistic practices that strengthen resilience and revitalize quality of life.

If you are ready to commit to stretching your beliefs about what is possible to experience on a personal journey of healing, call today.