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Chiragh's Mission

 I would like to give each child in my school a purpose in life and a strong spirit to withstand the pressures and challenges to come. 

To this end I would like to equip my children with a creative, inventive and adventurous spirit and a insatiable love of reading. 

Besides the other aspects of education - I would like to instill a love of the arts, an appreciation of their heritage and culture and respect and regards for the culture of other people. 

In short, a broad based education with a healthy appreciation of the scientific and technological advances of our present times. 

For the last aim, I hope that each of my children is a computer geek(!) and is able to handle a computer with ease and use it to gain updated information on each and every subject.

"To strive, to seek and not to yield" - Tennyson 

- Dr. Nina Chauhan (Principal)