Easily plot and analyze math functions
on your iPhone

fxPad was featured in the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics newsletter (Spring 2010).

fxPad is a powerful calculator that plots curves of mathematical functions and computes the coordinates of their remarkable points, automagically at the touch of a finger on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
It's a must-have for math students and teachers who need to solve equations or find a function's minimums & maximums.
fxPad supports more than 20 classic scientific functions and also allows plotting several curves at the same time, to calculate their intersections instantly.
Unlike other graphing calculators, its amazingly intuitive touch interface makes fxPad productive right from the beginning. If you are proficient with any pocket calculator, you will find that you already know how to use fxPad. No slow learning curve is required !
fxPad will save you $100 compared to the price of a graphing calculator, and takes less space in your bag too!

...Key features...
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous functions on the same graph.
  • Super-fast zooming and real-time panning using finger gestures, makes navigating the graph a breeze.
  • Polar and cartesian plots are possible.
  • Coordinates of remarkable points such as roots, intersections, and local extrema are automatically calculated.
  • Familiar scientific keyboard makes it straightforward to type formulas.
  • Graphs screenshots can be saved in your 'Photos' library, for easy sharing or emailing.
  • Implicit multiplication allows typing "3x" naturally instead of "3*x"
  • History of last 20 functions to retrieve previous functions between uses.
  • Classic calculator mode allows manual calculations, in addition to the function graphing mode.
Compatible with all models of iPhone, Ipod Touch, and iPad.

Download fxPad now!

...Typical uses...
  • Finding polynomial roots or solving equations like f(x) = 0
  • Determining intersections between several functions to solve equations like f(x) = g(x)
  • Finding local minimum & maximum


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