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Welcome to the official homepage of the HDMI CEC Tray application.

What is it?

Hdmi-Cec Tray  is a software to control Windows applications using your current TV remote !
With Hdmi-Cec Tray, you can navigate PC menus, play and pause music or fast-forward movies using just your TV remote. It's even possible to make the TV power-on and switch to the right HDMI input automatically every time your HTPC starts, transforming it into a natural extension of your TV set.
No more hassle with dedicated mediacenter remote controls and special infrared or Bluetooth receivers for your HTPC. Instead, Hdmi-Cec Tray makes use of your HDTV's built-in CEC technology to control your HTPC. (*)
With Hdmi-Cec Tray, users will be able to enjoy their TV seamlessly from within Mediacenter, VLC, MPC-HC, MediaPortal or XBMC as well as Powerpoint, to name a few.
(*) Requires the Pulse-Eight USB-CEC adapter. Check if your HDTV supports HDMI-CEC.


 ¬ Complete navigational keys support:       ⇒         ⇐         ⇑         ⇓         OK       PLAY     PAUSE     FFWD     RWND     STOP      REC      BACK 
 ¬ Powers TV on/off automatically when PC enters/exits sleep mode, and vice versa.
 ¬ Changes AVR volume when pressing PC multimedia keys.
 ¬ Manual and automatic HDMI port selection, with automatic TV input switching.
 ¬ Four programmable keys to launch your favorite applications:                                             
 ¬ Low consumption of system resources.
 ¬ Compatible with Windows 7 and 8.

 ¬ Customizable keymap for each Windows application.


Automagically controlling your HTPC setup from a single familiar TV remote will tremendously increase the WAF, not to mention impress your friends! To this end, the Hdmi-Cec Tray application always remains as quiet as possible while doing its job, keeping the magic alive. No configuration or maintenance is required. It hides itself in the Windows tray without getting noticed and never disturbing playback with annoying technical messages.
Hdmi-Cec Tray is also extremely lightweight in system resource usage, thus not slowing down your HTPC in any way.
Finally, Hdmi-Cec Tray does not prevent you from using other remotes. In case you prefer controlling your HTPC with an MCE remote, you can continue doing so while still benefiting from CEC features such as AVR volume and power control. It's the best of both worlds.

For enhanced compatibility, advanced users can also tailor the remote control keymap for each Windows application, through configuration files.


First, make sure that the Pulse-Eight USB-CEC HDMI adapter is connected to your PC and to your HDTV, and that the Pulse-Eight driver was installed. Also make sure that you installed the following package: www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
Install and launch the Hdmi-Cec Tray application, and configure its options to your liking. After pressing 'Save changes' you can start your favorite media application.
You will immediately be able to use your TV's remote to navigate your media center. It's that easy !


           If you use & like this software, consider making a donation to the developer.